Monthly Build series

Monthly Build 6.23

Welcome to our Monthly Build Course! 12 class series. (1 per month).

This is a hands-on participation course, we provide you with a new Model and Full GD&T Print to build every month (or just follow the progress), along with valuable insights on end mill selection, feeds and speeds, work-holding, and Fusion 360 programming techniques

By participating in this class, you'll have the opportunity to build alongside our expert toolmaker, Alex, and learn how to effectively use the different functions of your machine and software.

Through this process, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of Micro Machining and improve your skills in a practical and interactive way.
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  • Download, No registration needed

    Download the model and print for free here, no registration necessary. (to participate in Q&A and watch Build Video,  purchase course, options under "Enroll")

  • No registration needed

    Tooling Package for the job, if you want to use the same tools as Alex, we procured a great price for you.

What's included in this monthly course?

    • Model & Print Download - 1st Tuesday

      Model and Full GD&T  Print drop on the 1st Tuesday each month to build along with Alex. 
    • Video learning - 3rd Tuesday

      Monthly build video drops on the 3rd Tuesday each month. Learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime on any device.
    • Monthly Q & A - 4th Tuesday

      Live Q&A, every 4th Tuesday of the month, on the specific part and process for the month.
    • Fusion 360 insights

      Learn insights for programming in Fusion 360, with Alex Certified Expert in CAM for Multi-Axis Milling.

Alex Madsen

Meet Alex! With 14 years of experience in the field, he is a true master of CNC machining. Alex's expertise lies in micro machining, having spent 8 years honing his craft in this specialized area. In addition to his Micro Machining Skills, he also has a wealth of design experience across a range of industries, including medical, mechanical, and automotive.

Alex is a true innovator, always on the cutting edge of machine tool technology and design. He has a keen eye for detail and a passion for sharing his knowledge with others. Alex is not only an exceptional teacher but also a skilled practitioner who has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of machining. He is patient, supportive, and always willing to go the extra mile to help his students succeed.

Alex is a Fusion 360 Certified Expert in CAM for Multi-Axis Milling.