With a rush to mobilize resources to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic that boldly reared its ugly head in the U.S. in early 2020, M5 became a critical vendor. With a staff of four and a machine shop of about 20 machines doing specialized micro-machining production, M5 is meeting the needs of many essential medical equipment businesses and others.
M5 (Minnesota Micro Molding, Machining & Manufacturing) based outside of Minneapolis has grown from a tool and die shop to a strong and reliable source for small parts (almost always less than the size of a hand) and micro-machining/molding. “The part sizes requested kept getting smaller over time so in early 2020 we further pushed our resources in that direction and obtained our first KERN Micro Vario machine tool equipped with a HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 control for 5-axis micro-machining,” explained Baklund. “Not only did this add an innumerable amount of new capabilities and capacity, but it also brought in new customers. In fact, with it, we have been able to push the limits further on accuracies that we would have never even contemplated attaining before, attaining the very highest and tightest tolerances and surface finishes that we’ve ever had. And when I talk about capabilities, I am referencing the fact that these machines are full dynamic 5-axis machining centers, with high-speed spindles up to 42,000 rpm!”

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