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Learn Micro Machining online

Micro machining is Learning how to use cutting-edge technology and processes that enables the production of tiny components with complex geometry, high accuracy finishes and precise features.

Innovations in micro machining have allowed for the creation of increasingly complex and miniaturized devices, such as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), micro-fluidics, biomedical implants and micro molding.

Doing the Dance

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“Our Need Will be the Real Creator” - Plato

With a history of toolmaking and working with top companies in Medical, Aerospace and High Technology Research and Dev, M5 and it’s progenitors have always met the needs of customers that ask the impossible with creative solutions.

At M5 Micro Online we not only teach the creative solutions we’ve found in years of doing the impossible, but also the mindset it takes to find the problem and discover the solution. Technology is advancing faster than ever, including AI taking over many technical jobs, it’s more important than ever that we know how to problem-solve and think!

Students will learn skills that will help them feel more confident in taking on the increasingly challenging jobs our economy and time in history demand.

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Get ready to unlock the world of micro machining with our online training platform! 

We are passionate about sharing our years of experience, innovation and knowledge with aspiring Machinist, toolmakers, engineers, enthusiast, like you.

Our teachers and team

Meet our core team

Alex Madsen

Vice President/Trainer
Alex is an accomplished toolmaker, designer and a Fusion 360 Certified Expert in CAM for Multi-Axis Milling. With a 14 year history (8 of those dedicated to Micro Machining) he excels while assisting and teaching those with a desire to learn.

Tara Baklund

Tara is a marketing specialist with a proven track record planning and executing the many phases of marketing and rolling out new content for learners to grow their  skills and knowledge, across multiple online platforms.

Dave Johnson

Sr. Software Engineer
Dave is a Software Engineer who has performed at every level in in his trade, and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team and highly technological and complex field. Dave is always enthusiastic about achieving and exceeding expectations. 

Jon baklund

Jon has been in machining, since 1988, thriving when being innovative and inspiring new generations of machinists and leading the industry towards a future of innovation and growth.